Since the first IHOP opened its doors in 1958 in a small suburb of Los Angeles as the International House of Pancakes, we have been the experts in serving guests the very best in breakfast and other meals any time of day. And in the more than half century since we began, we have truly become an International House of Pancakes, with more than 1600 restaurants located in countries all around the world.

We have had the privilege of making guests happy for more than half a century, across several generations. We’ve brought families and friends together for a great meal in a friendly environment and have seen them leave with a smile.

Our new brand positioning: “IHOP: Spreading Happiness Since 1958” captures this unique and distinctive heritage while capturing the fun, friendly atmosphere that will make every one of our guests smile—and happy guests return again and again… which will spread happiness to us all!


Welcome to a
world of happiness!

Strategic Guidelines

To kick off your local marketing endeavors, we’ve put together a comprehensive collection of guidelines to help you along the way.



Time to roll up your sleeves
and get ready for some smiles!


What better way to feel the warmth and happiness of Southern California than to set the tone and look of your campaigns?




This document is intended to give you an overview of the creative strategy, its reason for being, what it intends to achieve as a reference and what is involved in its implementation. From here you can be best prepared to choose the initiatives from your toolbox that you will hand over to your local agencies to employ in your market.


This document is intended to help the local agencies understand each initiative and how they tie into each other and the grand scheme. This document will also serve as a reference guide as to how creative may be executed, and will hopefully serve as thought-starters. Each of the local agencies should respect the goals and objectives, but feel free to create within the given boundaries something that is locally relevant, locally interesting, and effective in your market.


1. The information in these guidelines is the property of IHOP International, Inc. and its affiliates (“IHOP”). 2. Content in these guidelines may be confidential and proprietary information of IHOP. These guidelines are for the exclusive use of those specifically given permission to use the information by IHOP. Do not reproduce, disclose or distribute the contents of this guide in whole or in part without obtaining prior consent from IHOP. 3. These guidelines are being provided in an effort to share ideas, practices, processes and tools that may enhance the success of the system. It is not intended to limit a franchisee’s control over, or its obligation and sole responsibility to manage, its restaurant(s). 4. Before using this guide or adopting the processes or tools described herein, please carefully evaluate all financial, legal, technological, cultural and other considerations. Local laws and regulations may apply and vary across jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable laws. Please consult your counsel, including legal counsel, to identify and address any considerations that may arise from the use of these guidelines. ©2015 IHOP Restaurants LLC.