Be a part of the Story:
From the moment guests step toward our doors to the moment they sit down to eat they will be surrounded by the story of IHOP and become a part of it.

  • Walk in our shoes: Leading up to the entrance will be footprints made out of brass plaques with quotes included and set into the pavement in front of the store. In each footprint is a short blurb telling the story of how the Lapins originally came up with the idea of opening the first IHOP restaurant.
  • Be surrounded by family: From the Heritage Display Monitors in the waiting area, to the walls of the restaurant showing days past, and current families who have come together under one roof to enjoy good food and being together.
  • Come back for more: With each guest check, a new message from a set collection will print out at the bottom of the check. Messages could be quotes from the founders, behind-the-scenes stories on a particular menu item, or a thoughtful quote on happiness; and of course, welcoming them back for another visit.

#SpreadingHappiness Community Wall:
As a part of the heritage artwork along the walls of the restaurant, dedicate one wall to imagery of the local communities and families directly affected in a positive way by the charitable involvement of IHOP.


To utilize the “spreading happiness” platform to create unification in messaging and clearly define core brand positioning.


  • Lobby Monitors
  • In-store experience


  • Ongoing


  • Footprint messaging examples
  • List of messages for guest check print-outs

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