Support IHOP’s positioning of “Spreading Happiness” by engaging guests with content that elicits smiles, and aligns the IHOP brand with smiles and happy moments for guests, whether by themselves or with friends.


Every Wednesday we engage our following by hosting a live-event for tweeting cute photos, funny videos, quotes, and more to elicit smiles. Event starts with a challenge post “We dare you not to smile. #IHOPsmile” message with a stream of photos and videos of people smiling or doing silly things. Post ends with a smiling pancake or other promotional item and drives guests to visit their nearest IHOP. Followers will then be asked to post in kind things that will make others smile. Content does not have to be brand specific, but quick and easy to understand. Agency will need to create original content that is regionally relevant with tag and provided artwork to promote.


IHOP has been the meeting place for many friends and loved ones in the past; some who have not seen each other in a long while. This promotion aims to enable guests with another happy reunion. Promotional ads with the hashtag #IHOPsmile will run showing products that have “missed” each other and are happy to be reunited. Promotional ads will then ask people to share who they’d love to see again – stories can be used toward TV campaign – for a chance to win weekly prizes for a free meal together. Both guests must come together to their local IHOP to get the gift card and we’ll ask them to share a photo during their visit.


Create engaging shareable content that supports the “Spreading Happiness” strategy with the tone and voice of the brand to raise brand awareness and to build affinity.


  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Youtube
  • TV


  • Ongoing weekly posts
  • Promotional Drivers should be run sporadically throughout the year
  • Driver will be most effective when it coincides with a promotion or other ongoing feature


  • Templates for Artwork
  • Templates for promotional postings / ads
  • Examples of accompanying posts and comments
  • Sample postings strategy for promoting initiatives
  • Giftcard template