A timeline-based contest where the brand invites guests to show off their creative side by sharing images of their best pancake art. Throughout the course of the contest, all entries can be “liked” or “shared” through social media channels. Weekly prizes can be given out for the pancake art with the most engagement (likes/shares/etc.) while quarterly regional contests can feature the most liked pancake decoration as the new “Create-a-Face Pancake” to be served in local restaurants. Quarterly prizes of the top 10 submissions will win prizes and be featured on the restaurant display monitors, table placemats or menu inserts. Where available, a “Wall of Fame” will be used.

Alternatively, the same concept can be run on Facebook alone using a stand-alone photo contest provider (i.e., Woobox, Offerpop, etc.) Users would upload their photo to be voted upon within the app by their peers.


Social Media Photo Contest:
Photo submissions with the hashtag #PancakeDecorating will be subject to online follower engagement to accrue “likes” and “shares” for a chance to win prizes. Agency will need to create art and messaging to promote contest online.

Placemats / menu inserts:
Will encourage guests to decorate their pancakes and share via social media to enter into the promotional contest.


To create interesting, shareable content that tells the brand story, increases affinity, and invites users to engage users with the brand promise.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


  • Contest should be run from 1 to 2 weeks
  • As necessary for engagement not to exceed (4) times per year.


  • Templates for Contest Artwork
  • Templates for promotional postings / ads
  • Example postings strategy for promoting initiative
  • Placemat/Menu insert template